In the present conditions of market competition, high-quality advertising message is one of the basic prerequisites for a successful business. If people do not know you, and anything you do, regardless of the quality of your products or services, the vast majority of them will not even be able to consume them.

Today’s society is characterized by high mobility, and it is the public transport medium where information is present almost 24 hours a day at the busiest places in the city and thereby guarantees a spontaneous perception of the message you are constantly communicating.

Advertising messages on vehicles PULAPROMET are constantly at the most attractive locations in the city, speaking to people who are driving, waiting for public transport, walking streets…

Coordination of marketing activities is our ongoing task. Special advertising and various benefits, which we completely focus on each client, made the vehicles of public transport marketing cost effective and more attractive. These benefits have been recognized by our regular customers with whom we have a very good and long-term relationships, but also a large number of casual partners and clients who have given us their trust.

Selection of any package of services is a safe way to success. So do not hesitate, find their place on the market. In addition to the undoubted quality, durability and exceptional frequency of appearance, we offer a good price.


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The possibility of advertisement palcing


On the outside of the bus

the side and rear of the bus or the whole bus


On the inside of the bus

It is possible to organize various promotional campaigns and change your messages according to the needs


On info boards

On info boards located at bus stops. As advertising and as a signpost